GU24 Light Bulb - CFL 13 w 120 v 60 hz Light Bulb - Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb with Two Prong Base T2 Mini Spiral 4 Pack 4200K Cool White by Mandala Crafts


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Are your incandescent twist light bulbs producing poor light and consuming too much electricity? It's time to switch to a two-pronged lightbulb that not only saves energy but also produces a balanced white light that is easy on the eyes. Incredibly versatile, this self-ballasted bulb emits good bright light and pairs with almost any fixture. Its two-pin base adapter plugs in quickly and properly for easy installation. Nothing beats a long lifespan, less heat emission, no noise, and instant illumination. Brighter than the average florescent light bulb, this spiral CFL GU24 bulb with a twist and lock base emits a crisp natural white light. Without an ultra-harsh glare, this mini gu24 bulb can softly illuminate a room with a daylight color and temperature without a blue hue.

With enough light to fill up a room or space, these sleek light bulbs with 2 prongs are great for a variety of indoor and outdoor uses. Install these in your bathroom, office, living room, kitchen, or in ceiling fans, mounted fixtures, lamps, wall sconces, or enclosed luminaries. Reading, writing, working, or searching for small objects has never been easier with these energy saver light bulbs. Their crisp white brightness also makes this the ideal twist lock light bulb for porches, patios, docks, garages, or even use then as outdoor security at night. Have a hard time finding the right lamp adapter and lantern bulb replacement? These special pronged lightbulbs compatible with GU24 electric sockets could be the answer. No more eye strain brought on by dim yellowish incandescent light, this curly two prong bulb will naturally light up any given space with its beautiful bright white glow.

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