Gold Satin Ribbon 3/8 Inch 100 Yards for Gift Wrapping, Weddings, Hair, Dresses, Blanket Edging, Crafts, Bows, Ornaments


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This roll of thin satin ribbon with gorgeous shiny colors and silky surface is not something you can find in a crafts store at such a reasonable price. Our assortments of colors not only include popular basic shades such as silver, pink, white, green, teal, navy blue, red, or black, but also many hard to find colors.

* WELL CONSTRUCTED: Soft and nice texture; Densely woven; No loosing strings; No creasing;
* VIBRANT TRUE COLOR: No color fade; Weather resistant; Glitter does not rub off;
* ENVIRONMENTALLY & USER FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Paper spool; No wrinkles; Ironing free; Easy to store or use; Fits on crafting station rods; Cuts smoothly;
* ECONOMICAL: Extra long packing; Manufacturer direct; Sensitively priced;

This roll of colorful ribbons is great to wrap gift packages, create bookmarks, make dreamcatchers, cards or scrapbooks. It is also handy for special event decorations such as weddings, parties, or holidays like Valentines day, Halloween or Christmas. It can be used to make invitations, bridal bouquets, wedding cords, add flair to glass centerpieces, tie bows on bubble wands, arrange flowers, or wrap up wedding favors. With the broad color assortments, this ribbon will be very convenient when in need of decorating for throat or breast cancer survivor or patriotic military homecoming party. For hair accessory making, this ribbon can build headbands, create hair bows, or tie ponytails. It can also be used to refashion a dress, lace shoes, trim a skirt, or edge a blanket. It can even be used to create loom-woven bracelets.

Cutting Instruction

Using a fraying preventative such as a pair of really sharp scissors will reduce fraying. Tape the end to the spool after cutting to prevent unraveling.

- Gold satin ribbon made from thick and densely woven silky polyester fabric; Non-wired; Durable and sturdy single faced satin ribbon; No knots, disconnections, or joints; Accurate solid color and shiny surface; Weather-resistant, colorfast, and bleeding free; Machine washable.

- Gold ribbon great for weddings, gifts, apparel making, tree and party decorating, hairbows, sewing, bows, floral arrangements.

- Satin ribbon for crafts with consistent and vibrant color and continuous length; Bulk wholesale package; 2 Rolls; Length per roll: 50 yards; Total length: 100 yards.

- Spool packaging; Tangling and wrinkle free; Easy to cut, wrap, tie knots, or make bows; No loose strings or creases.

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