FML27 27-Watt 6500 K Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb with Quad Tubes, 4-pin, GX10q-4 Base; 2 Pack; by Mandala Crafts


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Have you ever gone to a local hardware store trying to look for a replacement fluorescent light bulb for your reading lamp and came home empty handed? Did you notice that most artificial lights and LEDs have a glare and cause stress to your eyes? This well-built compact CFL lightbulb could be the answer. The solid bulb simulates outdoor light with balance across the entire spectrum of natural light and remits clear and comfortable glow without a blue hue. It lets you go through a long period of reading, working, computer using, or a study session without eye strain and improves visual performance and clarity.

The operation is quiet without humming or flickering. The installation is as easy as pushing it in the socket. This light bulb reduces glare and brings an old-fashioned vibe. It simulates a beautiful summer day.

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