Clam Shell Bead Tip - Clamshell Calotte Knot Cover - Crimp Cover Jewelry Making Finding End Cap Beads for Necklace Bracelet 2150 PCs Silver Gold Chrome Rose Gold Gunmetal 8 X 4 X 3mm

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Are you looking for bead crimp covers to secure your handmade jewelry without exposing a knot? Are you tired of using messy glue to fasten your jewelry? This beading finding kit gives jewelry a strong and professional finish without any knots showing. The crimp bead metal is soft enough to work with hand tools but sturdy enough to secure your creations. Thread string through hole of crimp bead cover and crimp the two halves together to hide knot. The hook at the end of the jewelry crimp beads can be bent down to create a secure loop to attach to a jump ring or clasp.

These jewelry end clasps are the perfect addition to any pendant, keychain, charm, sun catcher creation, or bookmark. Compatible with jump rings, lobster clasps and seed beads, this set of bead tips are great for repairing jewelry and come in a variety of colors. Compared to sterling silver crimp bead covers, this crimp bead kit requires little to no polishing. This clam cover is also more malleable than bead tips stainless steel making it the ideal crimp end caps for jewelry making.

- Clamshell calotte made from brass-based alloy metal; Sturdy and durable; Rust and tarnish resistant; Lead and nickel free; Easy to apply.

- Clamshell knot covers hide the knots in your handmade jewelry to provide a sleek appearance; Clam shell crimp covers for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

- Crimp cap knot cover to join thread to a clasp by sliding cord through hinge side of clamshell endcap, knotting the cord then pressing together with flat nose pliers to hide knot.

- Clamshell wire cover ideal for silk, leather, linen, nylon and cotton cord; Tying knots behind beading caps ensures your jewelry will stay secure.

- Crimp covers in bulk; 8 x 4 x 3mm calotte: 100 PCs each color; 5mm jump ring: 200 PCs each color; 12 X 7mm lobster clasp: 30 PCs each color; Tiny crimp beads: 100 each color; Total: 2150 PCs.

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