#5 Heavy Duty Zipper – Separating Plastic Zipper with Double Pull Tab Slider for Sewing Sleeping Bag Boat Cover Trampoline Dog Bag Tent by Mandala Crafts 2 PCs


Color: Black
Size: 26 Inches
Sale price$10.99
In stock


Are you about to throw away a tent with a ripped zipper? Does your trampoline net have a broken zipper and create a safety hazard? This heavy-duty double pull zipper will be able to save the day. Well-constructed and with neutral color, this zipper is easy to sew on by hand or sewing machine. The zipper teeth will not rust like metal zipper and can endure cold and moisture like a champ.

Without zipper stops on both sides, the zipper operates smoothly and allows easy access from both sides. Repairing a broken zipper on a boat dodger or canopy, cockpit enclosure, ATV all weather cover, vehicle top, golf cart cover, or RV screen or awning cannot be easier. This heavy-duty zipper might be even beefier than the original one you have. No need to run to the store reluctantly before your scout camping trip to fix your broken sleep bags or camping tent door. This zipper can fix it like a breeze. For those who are in DIY crafting or sewing, this zipper is must to have to make zippered bedding, couch covers, storage cases, blanket bags, or seat cushions. It is also handy to keep around house to replace zippers on gazebo curtain or canopy, mosquito net, pet screen, or bird proof net. The application is so versatile and it can even use to build a room divider.

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