Mudra Crafts Oval Freshwater Cultured Pearl Beads 8mm Loose Potato-Shaped Natural Freshwater Pearl Beads for Jewelry Making - Bulk Freshwater Pearls for Jewelry Making


Color: Black
Size: 6mm to 8mm
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  • Oval-shaped freshwater baroque pearl beads harvested from freshwater mussels; Freshwater cultured pearls beads for jewelry making with holes; Potato pearls with light blemish and shiny luster; Polished cultured genuine pearl beads; White pearl beads are natural color and colored pearl beads are dyed; Lead-free big pearl beads
  • Cultured pearl beads for jewelry making; Freshwater cultured pearl natural beads for earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, belly rings, rosary beads, anklets, spacer beads, or other loose pearl jewelry; Loose pearls for beading
  • Freshwater cultured natural pearl beads for crafting; Craft pearls can be knitted, embroidered, sewn, or strung onto handbags, sashes, veils, or shawls; Loose pearl beads with hole for clothes making and sewing
  • Cultured fresh water pearls for jewelry making with holes compatible with wire, thread, string, and other jewelry findings; Cultured loose real pearls pair well with shells, crystal beads, gemstones, and round or rice pearl beads
  • Bulk freshwater cultured pearl bead set in wholesale packaging; 600 assorted pearl beads (makes approx. 20 single-strand stretch bracelets); Pearl with hole pack made of 6mm pearl beads and 8mm pearl beads; Hole size: 0.55mm or 24 gauge; Weight: 8 ounces 0.5 pound blue oval pearls

This box of assorted Mudra Crafts genuine fresh water cultured pearls with nice color, luster, and surface quality weighs almost half of a pound. There are no baroque shaped pearls, most are oval or potato shaped. Every pearl is pre drilled and a bead wire or pearl stringing thread can go through easily. Freshwater cultured pearls are heavier than faux pearls. Beading threads and findings for gemstones or pearls should be used to increase the substantiality of the jewelry pieces. Compared to pearls on strand, loose pearls are easier to use. Colored pearls and white pearls look great together in a jewelry setting.

Colored pearls such as teal, pink, purple, gold, green, black, blue, blush, champagne, mint, turquoise, or red are all dyed. The artificial color was applied evenly on the surface and shade is consistent. Our broad selections will fit different tastes and designs. It can be easily made into bracelets, necklaces, pendants, or earrings. Whether you are a professional jeweler or a hobbyist, this large lot of pearls is economical for your business or projects.


Freshwater cultured pearls are natural products. There will be irregularities in color, size, shape, and blemish, which are part of the natural beauty that differentiates them from fake pearls. The quantity and weight of the pearls might also vary slightly due to the shape of the pearls.

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