Elastic Stretch String Cord Lock End Toggle Spring Stop for Drawstring Clothing Backpacks Bags Black

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Is your old cinch cord on your sweatpants giving up on you? Are you tired of tying shoe laces for your kids again and again? Do not throw away the sweat pants or write off the kids yet! This stretching string and toggle spring cord stop kit will fix it like a breeze. The installation is super easy, and the spring clamp locks like a champ. The fabric on the shock cord is made from polyester, which can be heat treated to prevent fraying. With a pair of sharp scissors, you rarely need to take care of the ends.

With this kit on standby, you can easily fix your outdoor gear such as tents, sleeping bags, or bottle holders. Just pull out this kit, string the gear, slide the spring clasp in, and walk away with a swing in your step! The string has the perfect tension to hold your shorts or jogging pants tight without snagging, but also unlocks with ease. The kit is great to keep around for boating, kayaking, or camping. From securing luggage to tying down straps, it will cover it all. For crafty people, you will be able to easily replace a broken drawstring, create a jacket tightener, or even build a cabinet or door closure to prevent pets or babies from opening it.

- Elastic bungee cord made with cord locks from latex, rubber core, and polyester sleeve; Barrel style, single hole cord lock made from plastic and metal spring; Strong and secure hold; Easy to install and use; Low moisture absorption ; Heat treatable ends; Lightweight; Fit for indoor and outdoor use.

- Cord stops and elastic cord for luggage, hoodies, backpacks, shoelaces, tents, jackets, hats, outdoor gear, sportswear, lanyards, or cabinet door kid locks.

- Drawstring stops in bulk packaging; Bungee cord thickness: 3mm; Length: 10 yards or 30 feet; Pack of 25 cord stops; Cord stop overall size: 1.7 (H) X 0.55 (W) X 0.35 (T); Hole size: 0.25 X 0.35 inches.

- Easy to install and use; Neutral design compatible with different colors and materials; Versatile toggle cord stoppers compatible with a variety of strings and cording such as paracord.

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