Mandala Crafts Tibetan Silver Tone White Metal Cuff Bracelet for Men or Women

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This Tibetan jewelry piece is made from silver tone white metal alloy. Tibetans believe that Tibetan jewelry bracelet has healing power. They are mostly engraved with dragon, green tara, eight auspicious sign, om mani padme hum Tibetan manras, Dorje, kalachakra symbol, Buddha statu, or dragon ball. Some are decorated with simulated agate or amethyst stones. They can be worn by men or women. Tibetan Buddhist bracelets are mostly made from copper based white metal. It needs to be polished occasionally. You can also polish it with a toothbrush and some toothpaste. Rinse the bracelet after brushing the bracelet. When it is dry, please apply clear finger nail polish on the surface.

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