Mandala Crafts Wire Guards for Jewelry Making – Thread Protector Jewelry Finding - Thread Protector Loop Wire Protectors for Jewelry Making Assorted Colors 540 PCs


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Has your handmade jewelry design ever busted due to strain on a pressure point? Are you looking for jewelry guard loops to alleviate tension on your craft wire from clasps and charms? This wire hole protector kit is exactly what you need. The jewelry wire protectors increase the durability and staying power of your jewelry and craft designs without overpowering the look of it. Great for rendering professional works, these lustrous wire protector jewelry findings come in a palatable assortment to match different colors and are remarkably easy to install. Simply string the thread through both sides of the thread guard, slide a fastener to the middle, and secure both ends of the thread with a crimp bead. Sturdy thread protector for jewelry making always makes a huge difference in the longevity of a jewelry piece. Without these handy wire guard jewelry findings, you run the risk of friction causing abrasion and premature damage to your handcrafted designs. The beads wire guard loops are designed to protect strands from the wear and tear that’s caused from toggles, clasps, and other components. The bead wire protector not only ensures the protection of your thread but can also be used to suspend small ornaments from chokers and anklets. For handicrafts, the beading wire guards protectors can also be used to make key chains, sun catchers, and even costume pieces. With outstanding utility and elegance, this jewelry wire protector kit makes it easy to achieve great craftsmanship!

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