Mandala Crafts Car Backseat Organizer Kick Mat Back Seat Protector for Kids, Black, Pack of 2


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Does your kiddo make your car look like a mess? Does it make your heart drop when your child won’t stop kicking the seatback of your rental car or lease with muddy feet? This durable backseat organizer and seat protector made from thick polyester material can be a life saver. No more water bottles rolling on the floor, no more yelling at your kids in the backseat. This washable organizer not only instantly declutters your car, but also provides basic protection for your car’s seat backs from mud and dirt. The installation is literally as easy as clicking two buckles and the straps are barely noticeable. Its universal fit makes it compatible with almost all vehicle and car seats, including bucket seats. This multifunctional car back seat organizer is a must have for road trips, ride share organization, daily transportation, or camping with kids. The pockets come in different sizes and fit all sorts of stuff like tablets, snacks, umbrellas, books, toys, dolls, portable DVD players, and water bottles. It also gives your kids and toddlers freedom to grab their own stuff without having to ask for help. It is easy to install and take off, so you can remove it and use it as a caddy holder. Carry it with all your kids’ precious stuff inside and hang it in the hotel room when you arrive at your destination.

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