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Malas, or garlands in Sanskrit, are also called japamala, japa beads, juzu beads, or worry beads. Mala beads are commonly used by Tibetan, Indian, Hindu, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Buddhist monks, Himalayan Buddhists, Zen priests, or nichirens. Within the types of mala bead materials, Rudraksha seed beads have their special and important connotation. An ancient legend says that the all-mighty creator woke up after a thousand years of meditating for the welfare of all creatures and began to shed tears that crystallized into seeds and grew the first Rudraksha tree.

Handmade in the Himalayan area, this authentic Rudaksha bracelet with the natural real Rudraksha seed smell and a bohemian touch is a great tool for Padmasambhava, personal pooja, daily mantra chanting, or aura balancing. In yoga, puja, or meditation practices, a genuine rudraksha mala will help keep your mind focused. This natural rudraksha bracelet is also great decor for in-house temples, ceremonies, or altars. As a unique jewelry piece to make a nonconforming statement or start a conversation, the rudraksha mala bracelet can go with any outfit. For your bohemian or yogi friends, you can never go wrong by gifting them with a Rudraksha Tibet bracelet. The uses of this Rudraksha bracelet are so versatile that it can even be used to count beads or as a fidget device for calming anxiety and nerves.

About this item

  • 5 mukhi rudraksha bracelet made from authentic 5 face Rudraksha beads; Handmade in the Himalayan area of Nepal; Stretchable Tibetan wrist mala with great tension; Fade-resistant; Non-waxed rudraksha seeds
  • Rudraksha mala 5 mukhi seed Tibetan bracelets for men, women and kids; Rudraksha seed mala for Buddhist mantra chanting, Buddha offering, altar décor, yoga, or meditation
  • Japa mala bracelet anecdotally believed to balance auras, support healing, cultivate inner freedom, shield against negative energies, and sanctify the mind, body, and soul
  • Comfortable to wear Japa mala rudrashka bracelet; Gift-ready Rudraksha bead bracelet with a gift mala bag; Easy to put on rudraksha bracelet for men and women
  • 8mm Rudraksha mala beads; Mala rudraksha bracelets with 27 Rudashka beads and 1 guru bead; Length: about 7.5 inches

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