Hand Held Tibet Prayer Wheel – Tibetan Prayer Wheel Handheld Spinning Wheel with Dharma Wheel Om Mani Padme Hum for Gifts Nepal Decor by Mudra Crafts


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Are you impressed with the Tibetan Buddhist items you saw in the Himalayan area? Do you feel that Tibetan products have the unique charm that differentiates it from mass produced merchandise? The traditional use of the hand-held Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheel has been passed down for centuries and is one of the simplest practices to lift spiritual vibrations during your daily meditation. This om mani padme hum Buddha prayer wheel contains hundreds of copies of buddha mantra and can easily be opened to add prayers of your own. The Nepal prayer wheel is perfect sized to comfortably hold in your hand and spin effortlessly to channel good fortune, peace, harmony and tranquility.

Using a Tibetan spinning wheel is the perfect way to tap into serenity, remove obstacles that prevent you from realizing your highest self, and provides a daily sense of calm during turbulent times. Tibetan hand held prayer wheels can be easily used at home or on the go and promotes peace, mindfulness, and good vibes during chakra balancing and other spiritual environments such as yoga and reiki practice. Decorate with Dharma wheel sign from eight auspicious symbols, this small Tibetan prayer wheel is also the ultimate conversation starter and a great Buddhist gifts for friends. The Buddhist prayer wheel is also unique Buddhist decoration for homes, altars, yoga, and meditation room.

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