Mandala Crafts Tear Away Stabilizer for Embroidery - Machine and Hand Embroidery Stabilizers - Tearaway Stabilizer for Embroidery Backing Medium Weight 1.8 oz


Size: 8X8 Inches 100 Sheets
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Frustrated with fabric around your embroidery puckering? Wish fusible stabilizers were thinner and less stiff? This no-show stabilizing embroidery sheet might be the solution. Sturdier than embroidery paper, the pliable sewing stabilizer adds a nice layer to embroideries for extra stability and distortion prevention without being bulky. Unlike a water soluble stabilizer, this no show mesh stabilizer for machine embroidery and hand sewing doesn’t wash away. The material holds its shape well without showing up behind light-colored fabrics. The tearaway material is easy to remove, but doesn’t rip when being handled in a hoop. Unlike cut away stabilizers, the tearaway backing negates the need for cutting. The non-woven backing doesn’t leave a sticky residue like adhesive stabilizers. The non-fusible material doesn’t require heat or an iron.

For new or pro embroidery enthusiasts, this invisible backing is great for any light embroidering projects done by hand or machine. Customize wearable items like t-shirts, aprons, pockets, polo shirts, and hats. Use this breathable stabilizer as an extra lining in face masks. The strong, lightweight material is soft to the touch and won’t scratch or itch, so use it to sew designs into children’s garments, girl’s dresses, bibs, baby onesies, and towels. The gentle weight backing is great for delicate fabrics such as pique knit and silk. This flexible stabilizer can also be used when embellishing and monogramming home décor such as pillows, table runners, quilt squares, vintage quilt labels, and applique embroidered quilts.

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