Mandala Crafts Faux Leather Single Fold Bias Tape Maxi Piping Trim with Welting Cord - 50 Yds Black Lip Cord Trim for Sewing Marine Auto Boat Upholstery


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Save yourself the laborious and time-consuming process of making your own upholstery piping. Some kinds of leather piping cord is often too soft and cannot maintain its shape. This roll of premade single bias piping tape with a built-in insertion cord is the ultimate solution for fast and professional-looking piping. The faux leather lip cord trim is a time-saver and creates a bold finish and adds a professional look for many projects including seaming vehicle or marine upholstery to embellishing garments. This solid and malleable cording for piping accommodates a wide range of sewing projects. With a wide selection of colors to choose from, this pliable PU leather piping trim with lip is easy to match, complement, or contrast to different materials such as cotton, polyester, leather, canvas, vinyl, or linen. The continuous and fade-free leather edge with cord can withstand heavy use, spills, harsh weather, spill, and sunlight. This colored bias tape maxi piping adds a decorative touch to sewing, clothes making and crafting projects. The stylish leatherette piping welting cord makes an ordinary project standout and look elegant. Use this marine grade upholstery trim cord with sewing lip to trim your car, boat, rv, or home upholstery. The leather bias tape for sewing brings well-defined detail and sophistication to accentuate car door panels and auto, go cart, or boat seats. The upholstery cord lip trim also trims home furnishings such as armchairs, benches, stools, sofas, pillows, cushions, comforters, headboards, comforters, drapes, valances, or placemats. For clothing, this bias tape maxi cord piping can be used to embellish pocket openings or necklines or armholes on tops and dresses, boots, jeans, coats, vests, jackets and handbags. This piping trim for sewing is also wonderful to add a pop of color or define corners, straps, and zipper areas without fear of scrunching or shredding. Well-made and easy to install, this sewing cord piping trim ensures a beautif

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