Mandala Crafts Nylon Satin Cord - 1mm Nylon Cord for Jewelry Making Beading - 109 Yds Braided Nylon Satin String Hot Pink Nylon String for Bracelets Rattail Trim Chinese Knot

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Is silk jewelry cord hard to maintain shape? Is your mala string too soft to go through the guru mala bead holes? This spool of malleable round nylon cord is the answer. Unlike cheap polyester string, this lightweight nylon cord has much better tension strength. The micro nylon cord is highly workable for detailed handiworks. The sturdy jewelry nylon cord is the best substitute to coarse beading thread twine and waxed cord for jewelry making. The string nylon cord can be easily knotted, braided, or cut. The ends can be treated with a thread burner or a cord zapper to prevent fraying. The satin silk knotting cord is easy to maneuver but stiff enough to hold shape and retain slipknots, double knots, and other fancy knotwork. The satin silk braided cord feels nice and won?t cause skin irritation. Easier to craft with than Chinese silk cord or hilo chino para pulseras, this craft and jewelry nylon string is sure to make an impression. This vegan silk jewelry cord is a great leather cord or metal chain replacement for beadwork. As necklace rope, the Chinese nylon cord pairs well with various jewelry findings, pendants, charms made from wood, resin evil eye beads, glass pony beads, metal, or stone. As bracelet string for bracelet making, the nylon satin cord creates kumihimo, red string kabbalah, and friendship bracelets like a pro. As mala stringing cord, this mala bead cord is used by professionals to create prayer beads or rosaries. This satin rattail cord with shimmery finish will take DIY crafting to the next level to adorn flip flops, drawstring purses, yoga mat ties, sun catchers, soutache, and wind chimes. This satin nylon cord can also accentuate jackets, hats, veils, and skirts, coil gourds, tie cables, balloons, and bamboo trellises, repair shoe and boot laces, bind books and journals, or hang light to medium-weight plants. The uses of this satin nylon cord are so versatile that it can also braid hair or accentuate hairpins.

  • Hot pink satin nylon cord or hilo nailon made from nylon; Washable & dryable 1mm satin cord; Non-stretch and smooth braided nylon cord; Colorfast hot pink satin cord; Non-waxy thin nylon string craft cord; Soft cording nylon satin string
  • DIY nylon cord 1mm string for crafting; Nylon macrame cord; 1mm nylon cording for bottle wrapping; Nylon rattail cord for dreamcatcher; 1mm nylon string for keychain; 1mm Chinese knotting cord or hilo chino 1mm for tassels; Nylon lanyard string
  • 1mm hot pink nylon cord for bracelet making; Chinese hot pink string for necklace; Satin nylon string for kumihimo; Bead nylon cord for beading; Nylon beading cord for silicone beads, evil eyes beads; Mala cord nylon bead string for rosaries
  • Nylon rattail cord or cola de raton para pulseras for braiding; Nylon knotting cord for tying; Hot pink nylon braided cord for tatting; Satin cords for trimming; Colored nylon string thread for sewing and scrapbooking; Nylon silk cord rope for hanging
  • 109 yards thin nylon cord; 0.8mm satin hot pink cord; Continuous hot pink braided nylon string; 0.8 mm hot pink string for bracelet making with consistent thickness; Heat-treatable silk string cording; Pliable 0.8mm cord nylon satin hair string

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