Mudra Crafts Tibetan Bell - Meditation Bell Dorje Set - Cleansing Bell Handmade in Nepal


Color: Brass
Size: Small
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Are you looking for spiritual bells to help start your yoga or meditation session? Is it hard to find the perfect gift for your Bohemian friend? This Buddhist meditation bell and dorje set is a must-have. Similar to Buddhist instruments such as singing bowls and tingshas, Buddhist bells are tools used in traditional prayer rituals by Hindu, Nepalese, and Tibetan Buddhist practitioners who believe healing bells lead to enlightenment. In Indian or Tibetan Buddhist practice, the bell represents female principle of wisdom and is normally held in left hand while the dorje symbolizes male principle of action and is normally held in right hand. Decorated with a victory banner sign, which is one of the eight Tibetan auspicious symbols, this handcrafted dorje bell from the Himalayan area is not only a great serenity bell but also unique Buddhist decor for homes and altars. With a soothing, joyful, and long-lasting sound, the Himalayan bell instantly creates a peaceful and zen vibe by shaking it, hitting it with the dorje or a striker, or rubbing the rim with a wooden Buddhist vajra.

The prayer bell and Tibetan dorje creates a peaceful sound that will enhance any yoga, chakra alignment, and bell meditation. With its divine sharp clarity ring, this brass meditation bell set is the perfect addition for Tibetan traditional rituals, temple ceremony, smudge cleansing, mudra, reiki, pooja, sadhana practices, and sound healing sessions to cleanse auras. This brass call bell works like a charm in a classroom to get students attention, start a meeting or exercise class time. The Buddhists bell is also a delightful decoration to a china cabinet, altar table, or shrine, and makes a great conversation piece when used in hotel or church. This Tibetan instrument has an undulating tone that adds a unique aspect for percussionists performing music.

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