Meditation Bell - Tingsha Cymbals with Straps - Meditation Chime Tibetan Bell for Healing Yoga Meditation in a Box by Mudra Crafts, 8 Auspicious Signs


Size: 2.5 Inches
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Are you having a hard time making your Tibetan singing bowl sing? Is it hard to find the perfect gift for your Bohemian friend? This hand crafted and authentic Tibetan buddha mediation bell could be the secret to your serenity. With a soothing, joyful, and long-lasting sound, these tingshas, similar to kartal instruments, instantly create a peaceful and zen vibe to a plethora of practices such as yoga and meditation. A clean, crisp and soulful tone is produced by striking the two tingshas together. The long and tough leather strap allows for easy playing, while the compact size of the Tingsha makes it effortlessly portable.

The brass meditation bell creates a peaceful sound that will enhance any yoga, prayer, reiki, chakra alignment practices or can be used to mark the beginning or end of a meditation class, or during sound therapy to achieve a state of calm while maintaining a present state of mind. This pair of tingshas works like a charm to get students attention, start a meeting or exercise time. For those who perform Tibetan traditional rituals, operate sound therapy spas, conduct spiritual healing, or house smudge cleansings, these finger chimes are not only convenient, but also functional. This pair of heavy hammers cymbals with an undulating tune adds a unique aspect for percussionist performer music.

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