Washable Ink Pads for Kids Washable Stamp Pads for Kids Craft Ink Pad Stamp Pad Kit - Stamp Pads for Rubber Stamps Stamping Crafts 15 Sets


Color: Assorted Colors
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This set of inkpads with manageable sizes is reasonable priced with uncompromising quality. It is a great starter kit for new stampers. The wide spectrum of vibrant colors includes almost all major colors and some sparkly metallic colors. The sponge pads are well pigmented and have plenty of ink with great coverage. Each stackable ink pad is packed individually. With 15 ink pads, this set can last for several different projects.

For teachers or parents, these ink pads will encourage your students or children to create art and crafty projects such as bookbinding, notebook and scrapbook decorating, greeting card and thank you note making, or stamp accenting. For kindergarten kids, these inkpads are great to use for creating fingerprint or thumb arts. It dries quickly and maintains its color. The ink is very easy to clean off hard surfaces, fingers, and skin with a washcloth. The great variety of colors will make craft time go smoothly. For events such as baby showers, parties, or weddings, these inkpads can be used for thumbprint sign in or guest book decorations. In daily use, this set can help you to set up your office planners or even create some art or painting projects.

- Stamp ink pad set made from soft sponge and washable stamp ink; Craft ink stamp pad with vivid rich color; Non-smudging and quick-drying; Waterproof when dry yet washable and easy to clean off the skin; Non-permanent; Non-toxic washable ink pad set.

- Ink stamps for crafting, painting, scrapbooking, printmaking, embossing, fingerpainting, card making, or art projects; Childrens ink pads for school classrooms to use in stamping projects or thumb art; Stamp pads for card making and journal creating.

- Scrapbooking ink pads for notepads, letters, diaries, envelopes, planners, passports, postcards, posters, certificates, bullet journals, and holiday or wedding invitation cards.

- Craft ink pads for stamping paper, wood, clay, fabric, or even skin; Washable ink pads for rubber stamps, classroom stamps, journal stamps, stencils, or paintbrushes; Stamp pads for kids, teens, and adults.

- Washable stamp ink pads bulk wholesale jumbo package; 15 stackable stamping pads; Overall size: 2 x 3 inches; Sponge size: 1.5 x 2.5 inches; Colors: white, silver, yellow, blue, purple, red, pink, orange, gold, light green, forest green, dark green, navy blue, brown, amber, and black.

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