Mandala Crafts Elastic Lace Ribbon – Lace Fabric Elastic Lace Floral Stretch Lace Elastic Trim - Lace Trim for Sewing Lingerie Wedding Garters Gift Wrapping


Color: White
Size: 2.25 Inched 20 Yards
Sale price$11.99
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Are you still making lingerie elastic lace by sewing elastic band on scallop ribbon? This elastic fabric lace trim is the answer Made from pliable and half see-through soft lace fabric, this lacy stretch ribbon with exquisite detailing, consistent rich color, and curvy borders adds add a boho, feminine, and vintage touch to any garment or handmade creation. Very easy to adhere to applique, add bows, or sew on different fabric surfaces, the elastic lace trim by the yard is easy to wield and arrange into different shapes and can even withstand slight pressure. The highly workable elastic floral lace ribbon has the perfect amount of elasticity to wrap and wind without breaking, shredding, or losing luster. With its continuous length, this roll of elastic fabric lace for sewing will last multiple projects. From headbands to unique garter belts, this elastic floral trim does it all. The decorative lace trim beautifully accents handbags, hair accessories, or clothing items such as blouses, shorts, skirts, shirts, nightgowns, belts, or shoes. The spandex lace fabric ribbon provides a solid yet gentle hold that will not damage hair or irritate the skin, perfect to use as waistbands or arm straps. Not only is this stretchy lace capable of securing but it can also add height, length, or coverage to clothes too. For handicrafts, the fabric stretch lace is used to scrapbook, embellish blankets, or wrap floral arrangements and centerpieces. The perfect home, wedding, or party embellishment, this neutral color elastic lace band effortlessly matches other bridal or lacey decorations and compliments a variety of themes, from antique to romantic to vintage!

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