Mudra Crafts 6 Christmas Paper Lanterns Christmas Hanging Décor with 12 Lights - Green Paper Lanterns Red Christmas Lantern Hanging for Christmas Decorations Indoor Outdoor


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Do you hunt for Christmas decor at the last minute every year? With our long-lasting red and green hanging paper lantern kits, you do not need to worry about it for several years. The setup is as easy as putting the included hanging wire into the lantern and hang the LED lights on the wire. You can use it as an indoor hanging lamp, table light, or outside porch lantern light string. Your house will be will become the best decorated home in the neighborhood when it comes to holiday decor.

LED lights increase the safety and flexibility so they can easily hang indoor from the ceiling or outdoors from patios, porches, pavilions, trees, or pools. These Chinese-styled lanterns with large globe-shaped design will instantly jazz up a regular space with a festive touch. The lanterns are also tougher than they look. If you accidentally tear it, it can easily be repaired with some tissue paper, latex glue, and water. The LED lights can be hung on the top hooks. If you want it to be more centered, florist wires, invisible lines, ropes, or aluminum wires can be used.

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