Elastic String Stretchy Bracelet String Crystal String Clear Bead Cord for Bracelet Jewelry Making Beading 0.8mm 109 Yards

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Did your elastic cord break in the middle of a beading project? Do you feel that opaque beading string is so conspicuous that it overshadows the jewelry? This roll of sturdy crystal string can help. With transparent monofilament, the invisible stretchy string yields a sleek look and provides a durable hold to any jewelry making or beading project. The lightweight yet tough beading cord holds up well to force and wear without snapping and is easy to cut with scissors without fraying. The strong plastic stretch wire is thin enough to tie multiple times without being bulky, and the knots can be easily hidden. With a surgeon or constrictor knot and a dab of glue, the flexible and easy to handle stretchy string provides a worry-free crafting experience.

From jewelry projects to magic tricks, this elastic clear string is a quality addition to your DIY supplies. Unleash your creativity and use this reliable elastic thread to design beaded jewelry such as glass seed bead bangles, gemstone, power, kandi, and friendship bracelets. This stretchy wire string is also great for creating beaded watch bands, face-mask lanyards, illusionary style jewelry, children jewelry, rosaries, and prayer beads. The application is so versatile that the string is also great for hanging ornaments.

- Heavy-duty round jewelry fiber elastic cord for jewelry making or hilo elastico para pulseras made from premium quality polyurethane from South Korea; Monofilament elastic jewelry string with way higher elasticity than regular crystal string; Durable and sturdy elastic thread; Stretchy strings hold up well in fresh and saltwater; Comfortable on the skin; Latex-free stretch cord for jewelry making.

- Heavy duty crystal string for jewelry making, weaving, and tethering; Bracelet elastic string for Kandi, friendship, anklet, or mala bracelets and watchbands; Elastic necklace string for necklaces, chokers, and rosaries; Strong clear elastic string for waist beads.

- Elastic beading string for beading and DIY crafting; Clay bead string for polymer clay beading; Clear elastic keeps beads in a tight and structured lines without sliding; Stretch string for making keychains and windchimes, hanging ornaments, streamers, and paper lanterns, or stringing balloons.

- Elastic string cord easy to thread, knot, tie, and cut; Knots can be easily hidden; Crystal elastic string is compatible with most jewelry making tools and findings such as big eye needles, jump rings, crimp beads, and clasps; Bracelet making string is compatible with glass seed beads, pony beads, wood beads, pearls, metal and gemstone beads.

- Elastic bracelet string bulk wholesale pack; Clear stretchy string for bracelets; 109 yards or 100 meters long elastic bracelet string; Thickness: 0.8mm; Wound in a spool for easy storage and dispensing; Elastic beading cord with consistent thickness and continuous length.

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