Mandala Crafts 2mm Waxed Cotton Cord Rope for Necklace Bracelet Jewelry Making String Beading Macrame Braiding 109 Yards

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Are you looking for something to replace a necklace metal chain due to metal sensitivity? Do you feel that heavily waxed lacing twine is too sticky? This spool of 2mm round waxed cord might be the answer. Compared to polyester, hemp, or linen cord, this flexible and durable cotton cord is soft to the touch and will not irritate skin. This lightly wax covered and durable cording can withstand water and will not leave residue. The cotton cord with a matte and elegant finish is easy to maneuver, cut, glue, or tie knots and is stiff enough to hold its shape.

This vegan cotton string is a great leather cord replacement for jewelry making and beading. As necklace rope or bracelet cord, it pairs well with a variety of jewelry findings, pendants, charms made from wood, glass, metal, or stone. From tying lockets, braiding friendship bracelets, creating sliding knot surfing chokers, to building knotted or macrame jewelry, this highly adaptable cord can handle it all like a pro.

This tough cotton thread with strong tensile strength will not break when pulled by bare hands. It is great for DIY projects such as hanging medium and lightweight plants, creating wind chimes, dreamcatchers, and sun catchers, tying cables or bamboo trellises, repairing shoe or boot laces, or binding books and journals. This cord in a variety of vibrant colors is also great for wrapping bottles and gifts, making apparel, or creating bookmarks.

About this item

  • Wax string made from cotton; Lightly coated with beeswax; Durable and sturdy; Not easy to fray; Odorless, color fast, and bleed free; Soft to the touch and will not irritate skin; Non-elastic; Waterproof & weatherproof
  • Waxed cord with continuous length and consistent thickness; Easy to maneuver, cut, glue, string, tie, or knot; Textured to prevent finger slipping
  • Lightly waxed cotton cord for jewelry making, knotting, scrapbooking, macrame, binding, wrapping, stringing, lacing, or beading
  • Necklace rope or bracelet cord for making pendant necklaces, and chokers, slide knot surfing jewelry, bracelets, anklets, or waist beads; Compatible with different jewelry findings and pairs well with jewelry parts made from wood, stone, glass, or metal
  • DIY craft cord for making windchimes, dream catchers, bookmarks, journals, apparel, or shoe laces, as well as wrapping bottles and gifts; Bulk wholesale supplies

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